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Dear parents, dear pupils,

As the headmaster of our secondary school I welcome you cordially. I would like to give you an impression of our school as a whole. The Gustav-Heinemann-School (GHS) is a cooperatively working comprehensive school. We educate pupils from class 5 to class 10 by offering two ways into our system. Beginning in class 5 parents can choose for their children between the Förderstufe or the G5 - Gymnasium (grammar school level).
The underlying principle of a comprehensive school , which means that our different branches of education cooperate closely and exist under one roof, enhancing equal educational chances for every pupil, is realized by a close cooperation between the Förderstufe and the other branches of our school.

Förderstufe or Gymnasium starting in year 5
In the Förderstufe (year 5 to 6) we prepare our pupils for the following different branches. In the second half of year 5 in Mathematics and English the pupils are separated into two different ability groups.
By the end of year 6, teachers advise parents about the possible school career for their children and finally decide about Hauptschule or Realschule in year 7.
There is also the possibility of starting in the Gymnasium (grammar school level) in class 5.
There is a close collaboration between all teachers working in the different branches at our school to make sure that educational chances are equal for each pupil.

The branches
In the three branches of the GHS different school leaving certificates can be achieved.
In the Hauptschule the leaving examination is taken after year 9, in the Realschule after year 10. Pupils from the Gymnasium do their last three years at the gymnasiale Oberstufe (grammar school sixth form) where they pass their A-levels.

For all pupils from all branches there exists the Wahl- und Wahlpflichtbereich. This is an additional part of our educational offer, giving the opportunity of learning together in heterogeneous groups. Pupils can choose between Sports, Music, Work Studies and Computer Science. Latin and French are alternatively taught in class 6 in the Gymnasium. In the Realschule there is French starting optionally in year 7.

About school life
In 1995 the GHS was admitted into the programme of the Associated European Schools because of its large pedagogic scope including international students exchanges, immigrants’ support for integration, work experience in England and France and numerous other activities on a local, regional or international levels.
We have student exchange programmes with Maringues and Pont Aven in France, Corringham in England and Gorlice in Poland.
As a Sports Centre, the GHS has a considerably wide programme in sport activities, starting in year 5 with a special focus on athletics.
There have been remarkable successes of our teams in the federal competitions of “Jugend trainiert für Olympia” in Berlin.

Our school library designed in a close collaboration with our town library holds ready a rich choice of books and media and an internet access. Our pupils can visit it during the breaks and books/media can be lend out. The library’s room is also used for teamwork situations, authors' readings, free time tasks but also for exhibitions and conversation groups.
Our school life is regularly enriched by performances of our music classes, our rock band, the theatre group and the school choir. These cultural and musical educational focuses support creativity and pupils’ own initiative as well as the development of personal abilities and skills. Individual and collective experiences in a group lead to a feeling of being part of a community but also to a positive self identification and self esteem.

Furthermore our school offers from time to time differing events and relevant projects such as:
• authors’ readings
• projects about European concerns
• pedagogical circle and action days
• excursions
• visits to exhibitions
• kayak rides on the river Diemel
• parties with twin towns
• factory tours
• class trips
• field excursions
• art exhibitions
• lectures during Europe week
• job information days
• geological excursions
• field days

In our GHS Academy the pupils are brought forward due to their individual interests and predispositions. The academy with its sixth monthly programme is an important factor in ensuring the efficiency and quality of our school.

For our physical well-being during the breaks, there is a cafeteria and at the moment we are having a pedagogical lunchtime support for our pupils three times a week.

I think you can have a good time at our school and feel fine here. You can play a part in here and join in designing school life. The parents who support us by working in different committees and are often ready to help us in many situations are also an essential factor in a positive development of our school.
I am looking forward to welcoming you and your parents at our school and wish you all the best for a successful school career.

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